The Morph Pendant

The Morph Pendant


Embrace harmony with The Morph Pendant. Each snake, light & dark, are complimentary and equal in a delicate balance. They are bound together in a mutual whole, and like energy in motion, when one quality reaches its peak, will naturally begin to transform into the complimentary quality.

Snakes have an established history of representing transformation, rebirth, resurrection, and initiation in the mystical world. Because a snake sheds its skin, it has long been an example of death and rebirth. It sheds its skin as it outgrows the old.

Designed with care, not forged by hand. Your choice of either an 18” sterling silver black ruthenium-plated diamond cut wheat chain or an 18” sterling silver wheat chain.

Dimensions - 1 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 1/8” | 38mm x 63mm x 3mm
Weight - 28 grams
Length of Chain - 18”

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Pluto's Orbit Pendant
Pluto's Orbit Earrings
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